Thursday, September 30, 2010

CT Spotlight

Hi, today you all get a chance to learn more about Sherry, aka rainervu

Do you have spouse/children:
I am married to Aaron - we've been married 8 years, now. And we have one daughter - Isabella, who is 3-1/2. She was born 1/1/07.

What do you like to do in your spare time:
Well, these days, digi scrap. But, also read, watch movies, sew on quilts (pretending I actually can do it!), explore new places

When did you start digital scrapbooking:
about 3 months ago - in May '10. I was determined I was never going to. I like the dimension of paper scrapping, and thought why would I ever? Then, all of a sudden (thanks to watching a friend, one night), I crossed over. And I LOVE it! Way too much, I'm sure.

What would be your ultimate dream vacation: for a month in Italy, maybe? Or, in the US, just spending time in Napa and Alexander valleys in CA. I love that area!

What is your favorite food: anything Italian

What is your favorite TV show:
Used to be ER. Then 24. Now....I'm afraid to become too hooked. It'll just end. haha! I like Criminal Minds the best of anything we watch, right now.
Describe yourself in one word:
Just one?

Here are some layouts by Sherry
you can see more in her gallery

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