Thursday, September 23, 2010

CT Spotlight: Angela

Today you have the chance to learn a little bit about another wonderful member of the Creative Team. Here is a little bit about Angela-

Username: aevans96

Do you have spouse/children: I married my HS sweetheart almost 10 years ago. He's a wonderful husband/musician named Corey. I have one amazing son, named Isaiah and will turn 4 in October.

What do you like to do in your spare time: Digi scrap, photography and make digi invitations for friends and family.

When did you start digital scrapbooking: March of 2009

What would be your ultimate dream vacation: Since we are dreaming here, I would like to travel around the world. Definitely Hawaii, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Rome and Japan. I want to take the most amazing photos and experience all that each place has to offer. Not too much to ask right? 

What is your favorite food: Chicken and broccoli scampi/Alfredo 

What is your favorite TV show: I can't choose just one. We have a DVR and Love TV. It's great at 3 in the morning when you can't sleep. But some of my favs are House, Dexter, Burn Notice, Bones and Fringe.

Describe yourself in one word: MultiFacilitated 

Favorite Quote: " Success is being the person that GOD wants you to be. " 

Here's a little peek at her talent:

I can't wait to see what else she had up her sleeve! Check out her galleries for a peek.

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