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This will be the most current and up to date place to find info or any changes regarding my tou.

Thank you for buying this product.  Please read the following and email me with any questions you may have.  aplusdesignsess@gmail.com

A+ Designs License Agreement or Terms of Use as of  2010:

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the following:

Personal Use:

1.  This product is for PERSONAL use only.  You may use my kits to scrap layouts for someone else as long as it is in a flattened image.
2. You may not use my kits to decorate your blog without written consent.  Please email me at aplusdesignsess@gmail.com if you would like to do so.
3. You may not recolor or modify any of the elements or papers for redistribution in a kit for sale.  My products are not to be resold.  Never claim as your own.
4. You may use my kits for layouts for magazines or other publications, as long as proper credit is given.
5. You may not turn my graphics into brushes, tubes, masks, textures, or patterns.
6. You may not re-distribute any of my graphics, kits, or elements to anyone via the web, such as message boards, blogs, newsgroups, personal groups,  or any other manner.
7. Always give proper credit if your layout is used in a magazine or some other publication.
8. You may not incorporate these graphics into any other project that will be sold.  These graphics are not for commercial use.

Commerical Use:

1.  You do not have to give credit to any commercial use products.
2.  You may alter any commercial use product to suit your needs.
3.  Commercial use items should not be repackaged for individual sale. 
4.  Commercial use items may be combined in a digital kit.
5.  Commercial use items may be offered up as a freebie as long as it has been modified and
      is for personal use.

Thank you for downloading my graphics.  Please feel free to ask any questions or just send a link to your layouts.  I’d love to see them!


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