Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

[... well, almost LOL!]

Okay, so last week has past and next week will be the start of a new month again. In our part of the world [I'm on the other side of the globe], we're on our summer season and when June arrives, it means everything and everybody needs to be back at school... Where did all those days go?

Oh well, anyhow, it's Memorial Day Weekend [on your part of the world, that is ;)]! I'm pretty sure lots of you have probably planned for this a long time -- going for a long trip maybe? Spend some time at the beach? Wherever you guys will be, we, [in Mel's creative team] hope and wish you all have a fun and wonderful weekend with your loved ones.

Today, I was supposed to share a freebie for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time recently to make one. But, I do have some of Mel's kits to show off, perfect for those Memorial Day photos of you and your family.

These kits are so versatile that you can use them in almost any kind of layout. So, here they are..

If you're looking for some bluish hues, the following are perfect:

... with a little bit of country feel:

Something with a lot of pastel hues for your cute little ones:

And some orange hues too:

This one would somehow look good if you're spending time at the beach:

Need I say more? Mel creates such perfect kits, doesn't she? They're all gorgeous and unique. And, again, what's so good about them is they can be very versatile and can be used in any layout you have.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to her store at GottaPixel here or directly click on the preview images above to be directed to the item pages so you can then start scrapping all those new photos you have.

Oh, before I forget, congratulations to shadowsmom at GottaPixel for having one of her layouts chosen for the day... Great piece you have shadowsmom! :)

She used Mel's If Only kit also available at GottaPixel.

Have fun! And, happy Memorial Day Weekend once again!

'Til next time.


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