Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Organization, Files and Productivity

I have been working on converting and importing my digital supplies into Lightroom. Using the system described on DigiScrap 101. This system of key-wording and organizing could also be applied to Picasa, understanding that some of the keywords may not "stick" if you are tagging/key-wording PNG files.

I also added in a bit that I heard on the Paperclipping Digi Show, that scrapping can go faster if you have a "To Be Scrapped" file. So I took a twist on that and created collections in Lightroom with pictures, templates, papers and elements. Well, I haven't added all the papers, elements and templates yet, but I have pictures grouped into how I want to scrap them, so I can pick a bundle, look for a template, pick a kit and scrap!

Here is one of the first pages using my new system:

I used Echoes of Love:
not a traditional Christmas kit, the colors are beautiful for the pictures of Santa.

I have only imported 10 or so designers into my Lightroom catalog and I am now where near close to key-wording all of those. I do love that I can batch keyword items as I import them, so all my supplies are key-worded with the designer name and kit names. I am finding that it is easier to pick out what I want to scrap, and I am hoping to focus more on the stories that I want to get scrapped, while using the beautiful supplies that I have. How are your supplies organized? Do you have a system that works for you, or are you looking for a system?

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Tristan van Schie said...

irst I started to tag each file with ACDSEE but when I tagged almost 1500 things I got an error and everything had the same label. So I stopped with ACDSEE.

I work with kits by theme (I have a folder for example animals and subfolders are farmkits, zoo kits). In the folder love I have valentine kits and wedding kits. In the folder water there is a subfolder: on the beach, under the sea, marine, swimming pool, bathtime.

Each folder contains of the following subfolders:
Complete kits

When I unzip a file I make one folder with the whole kit and make sure the preview is called _preview (this way its the first file in the kit and and I can search quickly for kits). If there is a alpha in the kit I name the first letter (A) _pv alpha.

This system works perfectly for me. If you want more information please let me know!

Love from Holland,