Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspiration Organization

Where do you have your inspiration organized? I love to look at the beautiful layouts in galleries and on blogs, but finding those layouts later can be a challenge. I have two ways for you today.

Evernote: I created a notebook titled layout inspiration, every time I find a layout I love, I can highlight the image and add it to my notebook. I can also add nots about what I loved and why the layout is inspirational to me. If you use the web clipper to add the page to Evernote, it will automatically add the URL to the note, making it easy to refer back to the original for credits.

Pinterest: I created a board titled Scrapping Style. When I find a layout I want to add to Pinterest, I use the bookmarklet button to "Pin It". When the pop up window comes up to describe th pin, I like to add what I love about the layout. One note about pinning, make sure you are at the source of the image, the link in Pinterest will take you to whatever page you were on when you clicked "pin it". This is important if you later want to reference the layout, if you ar linked to the gallery, no problem, but if you've linked to the image directly, it might be hard to find the credits. You can follow my boards here.

I love both these methods for different reasons, I like to scrap when I don't have access to the Internet and Evernote let's me have access to my file even when I'm offline. Pinterest is Fun and pretty to look at, and the visual organization is awesome. I also love that I can find more inspiration while I'm on Pinterest and add to my boards.

I have tried to keep a file on my hard drive, but keeping the credits straight was too much of a challenge for me. I also tried marking my favorites in the galleries directly, but I tend to jump around in different galleries and could never find the layouts again.

How do you organize your inspiration? Do you need a Pinterest invite? Email me directly and I'll send you one- pinklimecreations (at) gmail (dot) com.

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