Sunday, February 1, 2009

You might even be a ROCKstar!

I have another kit for you inspired by my little Hannah fan. This kit was fun to make and took me a while to come up with some of the elements. It was a challenge but definitely worth it. I'm happy with the final results.

You can get this kit HERE at GDWI.

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Here is my LO with it:

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Now I'd like to take a minute and address my intentions as a designer. I merely design and scrap as a hobby. It is a relaxing thing for me to do when the kids finally go to bed. I am learning the to dos and NOT to dos as I go. I hope there are people out there that enjoy my kits. I'm not trying to make a fortune off of them. I merely sale them for supply cost. If there is ever an issue with anything I make or scrap, please email me or you can even get in touch with Maria at GDWI. She is the admin there and is very helpful.

More than anything I just want this to be fun and I hope it is for you too. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have making them!

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